PIR Enero 2012


Table of contents

Care of the Well Newborn

Johanna B. Warren and Carrie A. Phillipi

Sexual Abuse

Kristine Fortin and Carole Jenny

Ethics for the Pediatrician: Obstetric Conflict: When Fetal and Maternal Interests Are at Odds

Susan F. Townsend

Index of Suspicion * Case 1: Persistent Fever and Cough Following Episodes of Emesis in a 7-year-old Girl * Case 2: Blurry Vision and Unilateral Dilated Pupil in a 14-year-old Girl * Case 3: Swelling, Pain, and Erythema of the Thumb in a 10-year-old Girl With Habits of Nail Biting and Thumb Sucking

Eric Balighian, Sanjeev Y. Tuli, Sonal S. Tuli, Christian Castillo, Elizabeth Carreno, Yuly Carreras, Catalina Marino, and Magda Mendez

Pleural Effusion

Hiren Muzumdar and Henry M. Adam

Scabies: A Review of Diagnosis and Management Based on Mite Biology

Alexandra K. Golant and Jacob O. Levitt

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